Hi, I'm Louis Petrides

Welcome to Dyslexia Consulting Mindset Training

I found out I was Dyslexic at 27 years old. Once I learnt that, things clicked in a VERY good way. From achieving the role of Head of Marketing at 29 to building multiple six-figure businesses under my company PetriVentures. To being a senior business contributor at one of Australia's top universities (UNSW).


100% free forever.

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    Welcome to the Dyslexia Mindset course!

    • How to use this course

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    Dyslexic Foundations

    • Week 1 - Setting your Dyslexic foundations

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    Dyslexic Worldview & Mindset

    • 1.1 Value System Disorder

    • 1.2 Face Your Dyslexic Fears

    • 1.3 Cognitive Polarity & Man’s Fallacy

    • 1.4 The Eye Is The Window To The Soul

    • 1.5 Reforging The Self

    • 1.6 Bringing it together: Dyslexic Worldview (Read description)

    • 1.7 Hacking your dyslexia (Read description)


  • Why am i giving this information out for free?

    I'm here to help adults with Dyslexia build a focused mindsent that has helped me build multiple successful busineses under PetriVentures. When I found out that I had Dyslexia at 27. It was depressing, but I also realised why I failed in school and felt terrible. It took me years to figure out these light-switch moments.

  • What will I get out of this?

    We're going to teach you a new mindset and world view that is unbelievably different it's like hearing music for the first time. We discuss how most dyslexic thinking is flawed and how you can build your mindset to not self-sabotage. This program will add a lot of value to your life.

  • How are you different from self-help guru's

    Firstly, I don't charge anything. There's a major problem in the Dyslexic community. “Self-help” guru's with no real world experience, credentials, or success to back anything they say up. That's the first question you should ask anyone offering you advice. I'm a senior advisor for one of Australia's top universities in business, 13+ years of business industry experience, won multiple awards in business from the likes of Deloitte, published in Marketing Magazine and operate multiple 6 figure businesses under PetriVentures.

  • What's the catch?

    No catch. All value. All I ask is that you be respectful to all students. Since 2018, I've been building a larger 50+ hour business course for Dyslexic adults. I figured I'd throw this mindset training course on my Online Creator Institute website to show one my many successful businesses under PetriVentures.

  • Who is this for?

    Adults with Dyslexia. Those that are interested in building something for themselves. Teens can also watch this but I suggest under adult supervision. The paradigm and world view shift will be big.

  • Can I give feedback on the course.

    Always! This is a free course after all. You will find human errors. Just message us on the Facebook group, and we'll get it sorted right away.